Okay, so the money is falling into place, we’re moving forward knowing we have nearly fitted the jigsaw together. Watching my two producers working is incredible, I don’t know how they do it frankly. Pinning down money is one of the toughest jobs in the business, even when you have a script as strong as ours. You never really know whether or not it’s going to happen until you’re actually on set and the camera is turning over. And even then you can’t be completely sure. I guess that’s the thing about being out in the world of indie film making. Take each day as it comes.

It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come, 9 months of development and writing, 3 months of research and now, after over a year I’m finally watching actors breathing life into the words on the page. The first session was hard work, somehow it’s easier to know who isn’t right, who doesn’t work. By the afternoon we were exhausted, it’s demoralising watching someone work hard to show what they can do, knowing they don’t fit the part. Not to mention the downright weird

But there were glimmers of hope, some of the performances were very strong. Suddenly I could see the characters standing there, inches away. and that was incredible. So roll on the casting tomorrow.

The city from the Tate modern roof

Dirty Money